The Man I have never seen…

He has no face and some think that’s a mess

How could you love a face you have never seen?

How could we dream of a place we’ve never been ?

How could you believe in that which you’ve never met?

How has he got the whole world in his hands?

How is it possible that he knows your every step?
 The man who’s face I’ve never seen…

Sometimes I hear his voice loud and clear

Sometimes it feels so near

Sometimes I feel his presence

And I swear I know it’s not pretence

Every step I take and make 

He makes sure I don’t break 

With my knees down low 

He knows when I’m low 
The man who’s face I’ve never seen…

All I know is his the greatest of them all 

Because he makes sure I never fall
The man who’s face I’ve never seen…

Call me Mary Jane🤙🏾

Hi,my name is Mary Jane

Many of you may also know me as kush,pot,cannabis,marijuana,bud,reefer,blunt,joint…to mention but a few.I was created by The Omniscient.The one we all truly believe.I didn’t come into existence through a factory hence I’m not made by man.I grow beautifully in a garden and I’m harvested for consumption like any other greens.

I come with fine green leaves,sometimes broad and other times thin.I’m illegal in multiple countries around the world,but the irony is I never harmed anybody.I’m a creator of peace and calm,I make food taste 100 times better than it actually does,I reduce the fear of anxiety if taken in the right amount,I slow down the spread of cancer cells in the body.Did I mention that with my fine indica leaves I give a good rest to those that cannot find rest?Also with my sativa I stimulate creativity and happiness.When people inhale my goodness they feel exceptional.Ask my friends on chemo how good I’ve been to them,I reduce their pain and prevent nausea.I mentioned I was ILLEGAL right?

I protect the brain from Trauma and control epileptic seizures.

Hi ,It’s Mary Jane again…

Why do I do all the good things in life and society still frowns upon me? I never sent anybody into a coma,but society shuns me.I never killed anybody but society rejects me.The irony is my counter part gets to be everywhere.At every ceremony my counterpart alcohol is always present,oh how quick everybody is to smile at the sight of him.My counterpart does most of the things I do but only for a short period of time.Alcohol makes you happy and drives right back to sadness when you’re drunk,alcohol does not give you appetite like I do….instead he kills your appetite,he doesn’t prevent nausea but instead has you vomiting your lungs out.Alcohol increases your anxiety and makes you relentless.My counterpart has led to domestic violence,caused the tragic end of many marriages and above all created forgetfulness at its peak.Alcohol has also increased the rate of liver damage in many people’s lives but yet he goes free and I remain shunned upon.I don’t give hangovers or headaches but yet many of you still speak highly of my counterpart.

I will tell you why that is,”I’m more expensive and hard to access because of my illegality and scarcity”,alcohol on the other hand is accessible and cheap.A friend of mine used to say “Cheap things always turn out to be expensive”.My counterpart alcohol has helped me understand the subtle truth there is in that saying.

Alcohol’s advantage over me is that from consuming it,people acquire liver disease which is expensive to treat.How is this an advantage you may ask? The more people with liver disease…the more money the hospitals and governments make.If tables were turned and I became legal…alcohol barely stands a chance against me for reasons best known to you now.But my legality is not in question for discussion because the world is hungry and full of sick minds.We’re living with people who would rather make money than help save a life.People who are more satisfied with the current ignorance and refuse to see the benefits I bring to this world.This brings me to my question …

“Why trust what man made but shun what naturally blossomed from the earth?”

Two Decades👀

I woke up that morning and I was thinking “what next?”.

You’ll be surprised by how much life can change in just a jiffy.When I slept I was 19 and now I’m 20.I don’t take that for granted.I got on my knees and prayed to God to be my feet because then I know I will be standing tall and strong.I listened better with my eyes closed and my knees down low.Grateful for life,yes I am.Haven’t you heard of a 10 year old passing on.Life is short.I asked myself “Who am I to make another year?at that two whole decades.”

But something deep inside me  said “God is just getting started with you”.It was loud and clear.I know I have a purpose,I know God is blessing me up everyday.

It’s no lie what they say,the older you get,the wiser you become.I’m not the girl I was at 19.A lot changed.I’m not even the girl I was yesterday.That’s how fast I grow.You owe nobody explanations for your behavioural change,it’s all a part of growth.I learned a lot as I grew into the woman I am right now.I learned that you have to leave a few people behind because their role play in your life is no longer of use.That kind of negative energy that drained the life out of me…I kicked it to the curb.”Are they mad?”.I honestly don’t know.”Do I care?”,I guess not.That’s growth my friend.Realising you have to put your well being first and forget about other people for a second.

Before 20,I learned a thing or two about heartbreak too.It may sound cringe but my heart still beats for the same person it did when I was 19.I hold on because I know there is a better perhaps.When you have something that brings you so much joy and pain at the same time.Somebody that impacts your life in a way you could never have imagined.Through all the tears and laughter,my heart still beats for that same person.What are the odds of life?Meeting the right person at the wrong time.It sucks,I would know.Life plays those tricks but those are lessons.

All I know is I don’t have everything figured out right now,but I will with time.I don’t know what two decades carry for me but I’m ready to take it all as a lesson.Discover myself more and travel the world because surely that would satisfy my soul.There is no doubt in my heart that better years are yet to come.Family and friends,I adore them.I laugh whole heartedly,reach out to those who are in need and above all put God first in every step I take.

Getting older and wiser also means making better decisions.Instead of being hateful and holding  grudges,I decided to forgive those that did me wrong and move on.I pray for  joy and peace in my heart.For God to give me loving.I want to share this love with everybody I meet in my  life.I pray to God that 20 is a year of greatness for me.

For those of you that are older,I hope I can learn from you.For those that are younger,don’t be scared…you’re still too young to have everything in your life figured out.Be happy,live life with no regrets.Stay blessed up because that’s all you need.Keep positive minds around you and everything will work itself out.

Being 20 is just a number like the rest😊.

Dealing with Pain

Pain is something many of us cannot handle.Pain is apart of our daily lives.No matter how much you love or people love you,everybody is bound to hurt you at some point.They may not intend to but that’s just how it works.It maybe family or friends,lover or partner.Pain is inevitable,pain can blur your vision,pain can destroy your passion,pain makes people cold.Pain changes you the way you let it.Pain can teach you to love whole heartedly or to hate all together.Pain can cause you a lot of anguish.Pain can make you selfish or selfless.The truth is the ball is in your hands.

If we didn’t feel pain,the road would be smoothly paved and leading to no where.Everytime you feel pain,you learn or get down on a road of no recovery.I was afraid to fall because I knew it would hurt.I fell and I got up,I learned that beating me down was teaching me my strengths of getting on my feet.Pain can kill you if you let it,that’s why you grab that bottle of vodka and drown your sorrows,escaping the world for a minute only to wake up in the same mess.Growing distant from the world and teaching yourself to be alone only making yourself sad and mad.Hollowness inside that makes you dark.Sleeping off on a blow of a joint only to realise what temporary happiness there is in that.

Forgetting to get on your knees and talk to the most high because you feel he will reject you too.The world is cold and pain is really painful.It will make you or break you,the ball is in your hands.

Pain has taught me to forgive and love,to detach from what hurts and give love as long as it lasts.Wipe your tears and eliminate your fears.Pick up your pieces and leave no traces.

Pain is a teacher but also a destroyer.The ball is in your hands.


Her father walked out on her mother when she was only an embryo…she heard her mother cry day in and day out.As she developed inside,her mothers words begun to sting like a wasp.The pain grew onto her like malady.Being in her mothers womb she learned to share her pain.They braved the storm together.Even when there was too much smoke in the kitchen,the cooking never stopped.I guess the hardships and toil created a strong bond.A bond like no other.The distress of having to raise a child with no father consumed her and the torment of feeling she was the cause her mother’s pain tormented

Now it was no longer affliction.It was aversion and affliction all in one.The bruises she had in her heart even before taking her first breathe.

The due date had come…after all the screams and the immense pain.The thought of what she would feed this child or what roof they would live under she named her Arnia. She was so beautiful.Her beautiful brown almond eyes that brought tears to those that glanced at her.Some watched in envy while others simply wished she was theirs.Her fair brown skin which was as smooth as silk.Her little dainty fingers and her loud cry which gave an alarm to many that saw her.It was immense pain,only her and the mother knew about.

She grew up to hate every male she looked at,they irked her.She felt the need to cause harm to them.To make them non existent,but that would still never fill the hole in her heart.The hollowness she felt every time she was behind closed doors.Nobody knew that her pillow was soaked with tears every night.Her mother had taught her to wear the pain like stilettos.Only she felt the pain,everybody else saw beauty that was inestimable.She prayed to GOD to give her a heart to forgive and love.

At the age of 18 her mother kicked the bucket.Just when she had started to believe in a better perhaps,she had learned to dance like nobody was watching and sing like an angel.Once again she  was back to square one.A world with no father,mother neither a sibling.Pure darkness…silent night as is in a graveyard.She called it rain,only because she believed it would make her grow and the sun was bound to come out anyway.She pledged to open her heart so she would not feel so lonely.So she too could belong and feel loved like everybody else.

At 19 she fell  in love.She was head over heels for him.I mean who would blame her?With

his lovely dark skin and gorgeous black hair.His well built body and chiseled face with an amazing charisma he carried around.She felt he was perfect for her.They shared invaluable moments together.The connection was deep you would say.She let him in on her 19 years of AFFLICTION.She told him about how much she resented her father for getting physical with her mother and walking out on her when she was only an embryo.He gave her a shoulder to lean on and wiped her tears.Slowly but unsure,she started to give in.First it was her body,her heart and finally her SOUL.But all this happened in a jiffy,she was trapped in the moment.Feeling alone and having somebody do all the things you want them to do,saying the things you wanna hear.

He walked right outside the door after he got what he wanted,she was broken… no devastated.She felt betrayed,she had let in the wrong man just like her mama did.Image result for quotes about pain

After years of mopping around,she picked up the broken pieces and decided to  move on.With a good job,beautiful face and banging body.All the men were running after her before they could learn how to crawl.She let in NO2…he let her down,NO3,4,5.All were from the same fiber.

She hated her father so much…yet every man she let in deeply reminded her of him ;(…..


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I Ain’t playing 💁🏼👸🏽

So I got my game face on but believe me I ain’t playing.I don’t like games and that’s why I have no patience in me for stupid people,I don’t think I have enough fight in me to put up with immaturity.I’m  sick and tired of playing on the same table.Sick and tired of dancing to the tune of these demons.The demons around me.

All I need to see right now is honesty,I want to have deep conversations.They make sense… Don’t say “wyd” I hate that.Tell me about your day,tell me about life,let’s talk about death….what makes you mad and what makes you happy.I want to know you more and more.

The only way you are goin to hate my game face is because when it’s on,I won’t sugar quote anything I say. I’m going to be as blunt as I can be.My honesty will sink so deep in you that you will love to hate me.I will call a spade a spade and not a big spoon.But don’t get me wrong,I’m not s cold hearted soul.

It’s just that growing up has made me see life differently.I have learned that the truth is bitter sweet,that patience is a virtue but it’s also always okay to walk away from the stupidity.If they take you for granted.It’s ok to say i have had it.

It’s ok to be a part of the game,but always be the best player.🙇🏼



 The thief prays to make the biggest robbery so he can put something on the table

 You pray that when you purchase your new gadgets and move into that beautiful apartment,nobody should steal from you.
The coffin maker prays that this season is better for him…so that business can boom but again he knows that this means more deaths.But you too are praying to the same God for good health and life😏

The absurdity of life…...

The doctor behind his desk praying for more patients to come through….atleast he is different,he has hope of healing you.And for that matter,his action is looked at as pure.
The whore on the street “God please let it be a man in a Range Rover tonight”. I could end up in a nice hotel and get a good pay…I could even become his permanent mistress if I do it right.

And the house wife….”God please don’t let him cheat!”she sobs as she prays.

Don’t let him end in another woman’s hands😩.

The lawyer prays to have many cases so he can represent many people in court and feed his family.Everybody else prays for protection from any evil or hardships that may lead them into a courtroom.
What do you call that people?I call it folly😏

The straight A student prays that he/she keeps the position of first place in class.The other students however also want to be the best in what they do.

You have to hold on,we are all made in his image…only if we believe and trust in him, we shall find Grace.Therefore the greatest of them all is always listening to all his children.