You can’t feel all your doubts 🌊

‪At one point you’re goin to have to plant your flag on a mountain of uncertainty where not every question is answered.The human mind will never get to the bottom of every mystery in the cosmos‬


The Library

It’s a beautiful evening here in the city of Kampala,The sun is peeping at the earth and steadily giving off beautiful light rays all together.The evening is calm and chilly from my view of the city.Excitement feels my bowels as I think of that amazing meal I’m yet to have.The meal suggested by her royal chefness Natty is a foreign one.Sitting patiently as we wait to be served,the creativity and setting of this place captured my eye.

An outdoor sitting with wooden chairs and a magic trunk taking the role of a table.The light is pure and evenly distributed on the area to heighten the green grass.Everybody seems to be having a calm evening chill.From a distance you can hear people chuckling over beers and a grey cloud of smoke can be seen going up from the few smoking shisha.

Hannat Nabadda shares light moments with customers and this has created great customer care at The food library Hilltop Naguru.Being Kampala restaurant,this pop up restaurant has been a choice for many.The uniqueness of this food Library is brilliant and that has excited many people.The thrill of trying exotic dishes and sitting round a tank and assuming it’s a table.It’s all just so exciting.

“Enjoy your meal,”said Natty with a broad smile on her face.
“I don’t like small meals!,Maxi exclaimed with a grin on his face.We just laughed about it and started to chop our meals.I still don’t know what cream I ate but it was tasty.

That chicken tasted as good as it looks,the pancakes are still making my taste buds ooze with saliva.

Kampala restaurant has been quite the experience and I’m looking forward to visit more foreign hangouts around the city.




Welcome to my world A world full of colours and liars 

Those that love and those that hate 

Welcome to a world where we all don’t know our fate 

Like in this life everything is yours to leave or take 

Look outside your window and see the bunch of fakes 

A woman with a properly baked face but her heart like a mess

I wish people wore makeup up on their hearts too 

Maybe then the world would recover from this illness 

The illness of being an appeal to the eye and not the heart 

People in society are honestly forgetting to play their part 

Look outside your window and see the world for what it truly is 

A child sleeping on a hungry a stomach for weeks while the rest of society adds weeds to the world 

I swear to you the world is getting cold 

And those in pain will soon have nothing to hold and fold 

The prostitute on the street is only looking for something to eat 

I stopped judging because I realised I’ve never been in a situation where all I had to do is be a prostitute

This option often comes from destitute 

Look outside your window and see a world of people that feed on the misfortunes of others 

I thought we’re supposed to be brothers and help lift each other up like mothers

Would it be so bad if you lent a helping hand instead of creating disdain

What if your heart wore louboutins too 

What if you tried to work more on your insides than you worked on your outward appearance
What if the world cared about being soul food instead of eye candy?

Food for thought…

Outfit details :

Crop top with a bow -B🍁D Couture 

Skirt-B🍁D Couture

Hair tie-B🍁D Couture.

Shoes-Charlotte Russe

B🍁D Couture is just the name I have given to the clothes I make until I get a permanent name for my future clothing line.This is a piece I tailored myself and I’m hoping with time as I perfect my art you can all grow with me and also inspire me to grow. Have a blessed Sunday 

I Am my Hair💇🏾

It’s black colour is so beautiful and fair 

The thickness is nothing you can compare 
I would have loved to share 

But I am my Hair 

Did you grow that with chemicals?

Is it that long because you smoke weed?

I swear these are the questions I don’t need

These black thick roots will make people give you a nationality 

I think she’s mixed race they will say 

Because according to them…blacks can’t independently slay 

These roots are so deep so they tangle 

The pain sometimes was too much to handle 

But every issue has a solution 

So I started to use nature & fusion 

And my Hair suddenly wasn’t a situation 

When it entangled I put detangler 

When it hardened I put moisturiser 

I am my Hair and that’s why I give it all the care

It’s ok to take your time and stare 

I Am my Hair and I love my hair 

A good day to be happy 

I could see the sun rays preeing through my windows and I thought to myself,it’s a a beautiful day to be alive.It’s a beautiful day to wear beautiful colours.It’s a beautiful day to go outside and play,beautiful day to spread some love and take pictures outside.

It’s that good vibe or energy that you need to get you through the day.You have power over what happens throughout your day.If you anticipate or predict that your day will be a drag then that’s exactly what it will be.You need to forget what yesterday stole from you and receive the opportunities that today is giving you.Fall in love with yourself and your day before you go through it.That mental thinking can mess up your daily life routine.A prayer to kick start your day.You need gracefulness.

Once your mind is in the right place even the things around you will fall in place.You don’t have to even try hard.Your mind plays a full course on how you handle  your activities throughout the day.Your mind is the wheel but don’t forget you’re the driver.Steer the wheel in the direction you want it,don’t let it slip from your hands.Take a break where you have to.Add fuel to your tank if you feel you’re running out.Your engine is the main vessel so run check ups on it every other time.

As I write this article, the weather has changed and it’s wet everywhere.There is sunshine after rain but there can also be rain after sunshine.In a literal meaning every good thing can come to an end and every bad situation can too.I always tell my friends to hold onto what matters and pray to see another day.Another day of sight,another day to learn

Stay true to your daily cause

The Man I have never seen…

He has no face and some think that’s a mess

How could you love a face you have never seen?

How could we dream of a place we’ve never been ?

How could you believe in that which you’ve never met?

How has he got the whole world in his hands?

How is it possible that he knows your every step?
 The man who’s face I’ve never seen…

Sometimes I hear his voice loud and clear

Sometimes it feels so near

Sometimes I feel his presence

And I swear I know it’s not pretence

Every step I take and make 

He makes sure I don’t break 

With my knees down low 

He knows when I’m low 
The man who’s face I’ve never seen…

All I know is his the greatest of them all 

Because he makes sure I never fall
The man who’s face I’ve never seen…

Call me Mary Jane🤙🏾

Hi,my name is Mary Jane

Many of you may also know me as kush,pot,cannabis,marijuana,bud,reefer,blunt,joint…to mention but a few.I was created by The Omniscient.The one we all truly believe.I didn’t come into existence through a factory hence I’m not made by man.I grow beautifully in a garden and I’m harvested for consumption like any other greens.

I come with fine green leaves,sometimes broad and other times thin.I’m illegal in multiple countries around the world,but the irony is I never harmed anybody.I’m a creator of peace and calm,I make food taste 100 times better than it actually does,I reduce the fear of anxiety if taken in the right amount,I slow down the spread of cancer cells in the body.Did I mention that with my fine indica leaves I give a good rest to those that cannot find rest?Also with my sativa I stimulate creativity and happiness.When people inhale my goodness they feel exceptional.Ask my friends on chemo how good I’ve been to them,I reduce their pain and prevent nausea.I mentioned I was ILLEGAL right?

I protect the brain from Trauma and control epileptic seizures.

Hi ,It’s Mary Jane again…

Why do I do all the good things in life and society still frowns upon me? I never sent anybody into a coma,but society shuns me.I never killed anybody but society rejects me.The irony is my counter part gets to be everywhere.At every ceremony my counterpart alcohol is always present,oh how quick everybody is to smile at the sight of him.My counterpart does most of the things I do but only for a short period of time.Alcohol makes you happy and drives right back to sadness when you’re drunk,alcohol does not give you appetite like I do….instead he kills your appetite,he doesn’t prevent nausea but instead has you vomiting your lungs out.Alcohol increases your anxiety and makes you relentless.My counterpart has led to domestic violence,caused the tragic end of many marriages and above all created forgetfulness at its peak.Alcohol has also increased the rate of liver damage in many people’s lives but yet he goes free and I remain shunned upon.I don’t give hangovers or headaches but yet many of you still speak highly of my counterpart.

I will tell you why that is,”I’m more expensive and hard to access because of my illegality and scarcity”,alcohol on the other hand is accessible and cheap.A friend of mine used to say “Cheap things always turn out to be expensive”.My counterpart alcohol has helped me understand the subtle truth there is in that saying.

Alcohol’s advantage over me is that from consuming it,people acquire liver disease which is expensive to treat.How is this an advantage you may ask? The more people with liver disease…the more money the hospitals and governments make.If tables were turned and I became legal…alcohol barely stands a chance against me for reasons best known to you now.But my legality is not in question for discussion because the world is hungry and full of sick minds.We’re living with people who would rather make money than help save a life.People who are more satisfied with the current ignorance and refuse to see the benefits I bring to this world.This brings me to my question …

“Why trust what man made but shun what naturally blossomed from the earth?”