Finding True Love

Where I come from people love the beautiful and finer things and it comes without a surprise,I mean I do come from the pearl of Africa . Why wouldn’t they love the finer things? Such a beautiful country with so many beautiful things around it. The people,the places in their respective locations and many more . The finest thing for me this week would be the window to my soul which is food. Just recently…I happened to find a serene and calm environment to eat and think . This place is different,the vibe is contagious,the setting is well assembled to give that fine peace of mind many of us look for.

Caramel Uganda is a restaurant that has only just opened a few months ago. As you walk in , the ever nice and beautiful waiters and waitresses usher you in with the utmost warmth and love. Everybody loves a place where they feel welcome. Even when you’d expect their service to change due to your own short fallings.This Saturday I had a table reserved for a friend at 10:00 PM but unfortunately she asked me to push for 11:00 PM. I did so but even after that,the person in question along with her friends were still not ready . Of course you know what I had to do ,push ahead for another hour. Keep in mind this whole time the people at the restaurant are waiting for us despite our terrible time keeping. When we finally arrived at the restaurant I couldn’t help but pay attention to the beautiful art that was plastered across the walls. A gentle man by the name of Nicholas quickly showed us to our table by the balcony . In a city that never sleeps,this was ideal. From where I sat ,I could see the stars in the sky mingle with the lights in the city .

Nicholas took everybody’s order in a jiffy and tried very hard and smart to meet every customers expectations despite the fact that the kitchen was already closed.

I’ll have you know that the maturity of these people and their service left me bewildered. We came in two hours late but they still did their best to give us amazing food and drinks .

I live for this kind of charisma from people,they truly go by the Motto “The customer is boss”. I was served a glass of chilled white wine and chocolate cake first. I know what you’re thinking …who starts with dessert😄? Well I couldn’t help myself.I saw that cake looking at me with it’s strawberry eyes and I said “ come to mama”. Every fork of it just made my taste buds water with delicacy.GOD DAMN IT!!!

Not long after ,my fries and sticky wings followed the convoy of food . I said to myself “you don’t deserve all this goodness” not after all the bad time keeping and poor communication.

I was truly impressed and took my time to talk to the manager and a few waitresses to thank them for the tolerance and patience especially in a country where my people are failing to respect other people’s time. I’m glad that there’s still a few patient people in the world. The evening turned out to be very beautiful as people shared amazing food and champagne. Those of us that enjoy wine and cocktails also devoured our drinks smoothly.I commend Caramel Cafe Uganda for it’s amazing service and flexibility. I couldn’t ask for more or better.

I’m looking forward to having my bottle of Bumbu whiskey with my future fiancé the next time I’m there.

I’ll have you know that this kind of reception has been given to me since the first day I graced them with my presence. This was my fourth time to go to this beautiful restaurant in a time frame of two weeks. They only get better at what they do . With my love for food,drinks and good service, I can say that I’m officially in a non-toxic relationship with @caramelUganda👅💦. All I have to do is sit tight and everything I desire comes to my dripping mouth and tongue.

Some of the delicacies @carameluganda 👄👅💦


How to maintain a healthy lifestyle for your Cookie😻

Many women often wonder why their insignificant other won’t go down on them or why when he does he barely lasts Five minutes.Others wonder why their cookie produces a “fishlike stench”.Many have even said the vaginal fluid they release is unhealthy that is “creamish or yellowish in color.Some have argued that their private parts don’t smell right during their period…well I’m no doctor but I’m here to give you a cookie lesson:-

Many won’t admit it but some of your vaginal disorders are caused by use of perfumed soaps in your areas of privacy.The area in question naturally has a smell of its own and therefore there is no need to use fragrances on it.This will not only cause a bad smell but also cause irritation especially when urinating.Instead try using water only to clean your private parts gently.You can also use a table spoon of salt mixed with warm water.

Wearing tight skinny jeans often will also cause discomfort in your private chamber.Tight skinny jeans leave no room for the vagina to excrete the fluids it desires to which are meant to clean your vagina naturally.This is when you’ll start to see a change in color and you probably should visit a gynecologist before the situation worsens.In the mean time avoid wearing underwear that is not made of cotton .To do away with this abnormal discharge for my friends that cannot afford a regular visit to the gynecologist…buy fresh rosemary and mint leaves.Soak the leaves in hot water for about 10-15 minutes in a bucket.Sit over the bucket and allow the steam to clean you out.You’ll feel a minty freshness in your cookie while the steam deflowers you.Repeat for about 20-25minutes.Use this same water to clean yourself thoroughly.Do this atleast once every month.

The food you eat in your day to day life will also affect the wellness of your cookie.’YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT’ is not a myth my dear. If you consume a lot of junk food even your cookie will smell like junk.Imagine going down on a guy that that smells like junk food that’s gone bad🤮🤮(yuck).Eat a lot of fruits especially pineapples,apples and grapes.These are not only good for your cookie but for your skin too and the well being of your body in general.Of course your cookie is not going to taste like grapes but it will definitely smell and taste better than junk cookie.Eat a lot of yoghurt and avoid drinks containing caffeine as much as you can.That is …energy drinks,soda etc.

Also use lemon water to clean your private parts before you begin your period.Many ladies don’t even realize that they’re giving off a bad odour during their period.Lemon water stings a little but also kills germs and removes dirt during your monthly time of purification.You May also use a little apple cider vinegar mixed with warm water to clean the area.This will also reduce your chances of getting infections.Make drinks with okra and drink them too.You could put okra in the food you eat too in your day today life

Also avoid wearing knickers whilst going to bed and shower at least twice a day to keep clean.Use honey And apply it using your fingers especially before intercourse to give a better aroma and taste

Most importantly and above all,play it safe.Avoid testing people with your eyes because there are Sexually Transmitted infections and diseases on the lose.You could get herpes which is incurable and have to live with a spotted cookie all your life.There’s also urinary tract infections which one could get through sharing toilets.

NB:If all the above mentioned homemade remedies do not work ,please do visit a gynecologist who will give you further advice on how to take care of your vaginal health.

Side note(Pictures used are not mine henceforth we’re not taken by me)

I hope you enjoyed this read xxx.

My Journey to the fashion Industry -EP1

It’s been so bright in Kampala lately I kind of assumed it was goin to be that bright on my journey to making my own clothes.It started with a theoretical school where I barely had time to practice the actual art of stitching. I decided I was going to find a more practical place to embark on this journey. Lucky for me ,I found it .

…But I’ll tell you one thing straight,it hasn’t been roses and daisies at any one point.I had to repeat each and every design I’ve made at least four times to get the design right.My tutor hasn’t made it easier. If you remember those English teachers in school that always thought they could intimidate you with how much they know ,well my tutor is that way too.His a perfectionist who comes off as rude but many say that’s just his nature as a person.I honestly understand the use of the iron hand to get the upper hand especially among my own people (Africans).But sometimes it can be quite the wake up call to get to where you want to be.

These skirts took me approximately four days to do a complete finish.The longer one was meant to have a slit but I liked the way it was after I finished it .My pockets are 5″ wide on both skirts and 8″ long.i had to stitch four lines across the waist line in a straight line.These stitches are later pulled together by gathering and making sure not to break the thread .

My waist size is 23″ so I had to cut out enough fabric in order to make the gathers.I cut it at 40″ which also accommodates both the front and back piece.The back piece ought to be cut into two pieces which I later joined to the front pieces.

The gathering technique of making a skirt is difficult and requires you to have patience.You can only produce a beautiful design if you invest time and have patience.On many days I’ve considered throwing in the towel.But on other days I’ve learned to be persevering because there’s light at the end of the tunnel.Regardless of what my thoughts have been on some days…I’m grateful that I’m drawing nearer to my dreams everyday.The crop top is the second one I’ve made since I started this journey that requires a lot of investment that is both time and money. It took me 3-4 days to make sure it was the right fit but that’s all a part of learning for me.

You’ve got to buy fabric that can be looked at and appreciated by the customer. I chose this pattern because of its different colors and details on it

Quote:Whatever you have started,so must you finish it.

What Society has defined for me and you…

So Because my skin has more melanin than yours,I’m not beautiful ?

Because I’m black,you are goin to add hood and thug to my look

Because I’m black,I’m incapable of achieving my goals

Because I’m black,I don’t deserve love and respect

Because I’m white,I’m a born snob

Because I’m white,I shouldn’t associate with black people

Because I’m white and blonde,I’m a whore

Because I’m white,I should dress like a little “TRUMP”

Because I’m a woman,I shouldn’t have a good education

Because I’m a woman,I shouldn’t speak out on the violence

Because I’m a woman,I should not be an over achiever

Because I’m a woman,I should hide behind the skin of my husband

Because I’m a man,I should always put more to the table

Because I’m a man,I should always act indifferent towards people’s feelings

Because I’m a man,I should be stoic

Because I’m a man,I should make everybody around me recognise it

Because I’m an orphan,I should work for the rest of society like a donkey

Because I’m an orphan,the world should molest me

Regardless,nobody cares😞

Because I’m an orphan,I don’t have moral standards

Because I’m poor,I shouldn’t speak when the rich are speaking

Because I’m poor,I shouldn’t eat at the same table as the rich

Because I’m poor,I should stand my boss’ maltreatment

Because I’m poor,I shouldn’t speak of the things that hurt me😕

Society has deceived me and you.It has made us think that because our complexions and status are different,we should behave a certain way or be treated in a particular way.

The truth is we are all made in one image.

Your color doesn’t make you better than me,your money gives you no right to disrespect me.

The Untold Story

Scared of how it all began and believe me the memories are still fresh in my mind

Sharing the drugs and minutes later you we’re hitting it from behind

Sometimes I sit in silence and wish the time could rewind

From when we met and things maybe would have been divine

My body your very best instrument on the first night

Your face my very first obsession at first sight

Maybe rushing it was never right but the memory of it feels just about right

The days dragged on and we repeatedly played with each other

None of us ever thought it would get any further

My mind was already convinced that I cared for you like a mother

Even though deep down I knew loving to you wasn’t even a bother

Every night we talked about how crazy our relationship was because it had no titles

And right after that your hands would take trips on my body

Reminding me that as long as we were together we didn’t need nobody

Your kisses making me numb but yet they were my very best speech

And my body eventually became your pitch

You juggled around it and managed to score in the goal with ease

This madness that started erotically suddenly started to become my muse

We should get high suddenly turned into where were you last night

These emotions were overwhelming everything started to become tight

My friends in my ears constantly screaming baby his not Mr.Right

Very soon you’ll be another one of his old pieces and he’ll catch the next flight

But I yelled out to you and said “Baby please tell me this ain’t true…

So I sit there not knowing what to do but your heart,your heart is pure because you never lied

You warned me about falling in love with you but I never listened

Said you’re not the type of niqqa to fall in love with but you gotta understand I didn’t choose to

My heart was telling me yes but my mind was telling me no

Now I’m seated here feeling so -Low

You found me at the verge of disillusion

And then quickly redeemed me of my confusion

What’s not to love about you ?

It’s like being a stand up comedian skipped you narrowly

Because you surely know how bring out the light inside of me

And now that you’re my ‘He’,I’ve learned that you don’t really like cups of tea

So I’ve instead chosen to be your shot of vodka

And the drugs…those we still share because you too are a smoker ….



I couldn’t trace the different artists of these pieces but they told the story so well and I love them. Shout out to the magical minds behind them

No Such Thing As A Life That’s Better than Yours.

It’s not about how long you’ve known somebody or how often you speak,friendships grow and some are able to reach the peak.I knew people that existed in my life since I was a toddler but they never impacted my life the way some two week old friends did.Time is just a number,but implication…implication sticks with you as long as the person is growing you and with you.

They say that blood is thicker than water but water is purer and sometimes we all need that purity running through us.Some friends are better than family.They love you like a sister and nurture you like a mother would to her child.Some friends exist through your imbalanced life and impaired emotions.They stick around you even when they should run as far away from you as possible .Friends that grow you spiritually,socially and economically are for keeps.

The ones that cry with you and never give you a cold shoulder.Friends are supposed to win with you and cry with you,that’s called a healthy relationship.It’s not always daisies and roses in friendships,there will be days where you fight like brothers and on other days barely speak to each other .You just have to remember that everyone and everybody is dealing with the challenges of living.Some people are too broken to state what exactly hurts.The ones that are always quick to reach out to you ,deal with their own pain too.

It really be the same hell,just different devils.Having the right friends is like owning expensive stones,the ones that really shine bright.So through the happiness,just remember that every single person you cast eyes on has skeletons of their own.Some lay them out in the open while others fight them from within.Regardless of all this ,always endeavour to impact the people around you in a positive manner.The short purpose you play in ones life could change their perspective on life either for the best or the very worst.

Don’t be too quick to judge,do what others can’t…learn to observe,listen and understand.One may speak to you without completely saying a thing.Silence is also a message that many don’t hear.Don’t criticise that which you do not understand.Learn from those around you,that’s how people grow and keep good relationships.As for me ,I’ve loved and I’ve lost and yet I continue to seek for a better perhaps. I had to ask a niqqa to show me the love while I still had life .I had to battle demons and go through the gates of hell to find my peace of mind.But those that stuck with me helped to build a stronger human.Those that broke me were never regrets just lessons.Lessons of what to never do again.I had to mend a heart(S) I didn’t break. But in all this I learned the art of patience and the fact of differences among humans.Love your friends ,understand them and most importantly treat everyone like your own,because they really just be your own.

Outfit details :

Crop top with letter patterns – Atmosphere

Leggings- Tby

Sneakers-Nike air max pale white in colour

Bag-Hand made craft from Turkey …maroon in colour

Casual outfit for casual hangouts


My Friend I’m Gold can’t you tell?

Burn,they used to yell and most times it felt like hell

You’re too skinny in fact too scrawny

Do you eat food or are you skipping meals?

I think you should take some appetite pills

Every man loves a woman with some flesh

Further more you’ll look fresh

These are the comments that came by

Even though most times I felt fly

You can pass for a fourteen year old

And lucky for you your skin has no folds

The wind might just blow you away

Like a stray dog but we hope you stay

You’re not like us,you are different

I couldn’t see that that was a compliment

Shamed for the size of my body but truth is I was the supplement

Papa said,don’t mind them baby

You’re a gorgeous lady and you’re the one

All the rest are just 2’s and 3’s

So walk like you own these streets

Embrace who you are because you deserve the very best

People in this world are going to put you to test

But be you and let God do the rest

I had to love me when nobody else did

They thought I was coal but I’m gold can’t you tell?

What you see is what you get ,I ain’t got no dreams to sell.

Outfit details

Crop top || leggings || sandals

Preferably worn to a social hangout,beach,On a travel and most importantly for a casual chill at home.

Crop top-Atmosphere